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Digitalis is an innovative data collection tool (Electronic Data Capture). Digitalis provides you with all the tools you need for a pleasant and complete collection and management of quality clinical data. It is a dynamic and ergonomic web application, whose strength lies in its ease of use and ability to adapt to your specific needs.
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Modern Design

Software focused on the user experience

The Digitalis interface is clear and intuitive. Our goal is to offer you a modern and lightweight design so you can use the software with ease.

Web and responsive

Accessible everywhere, on any device

Do you have a web browser? Perfect, you are ready.

Digitalis is a web-based software, which requires no special installation, a web browser and an internet connection are enough. The software is designed for the latest web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) but remains functional on older browsers.

Computer, tablet ... Digitalis adapts to the size of your screen.

Whether you work on your computer or on your tablet, Digitalis is used in the same way and adapts to the size of your screen. Thus, you can use the application from your tablet effortlessly using a thoughtful interface designed for your device.


Software built on reliable bases

Meets the CDISC ODM-XML standard

The CDISC ODM standard defines the rules for storing and exchanging clinical data. Digitalis goes further and relies entirely on this standard to manipulate clinical data, a mark of quality and interoperability of the data collected.

Complies to FDA 21 CFR Part 11

Digitalis complies with the regulations of Chapter 21 CFR Part 11 of the Food and Drug Administration. The authenticity, integrity and confidentiality of the data are ensured by the application: secure connections, audit trails, electronic signatures, etc.

Built on a robust framework: Onemo

Digitalis is built on a robust and powerful framework: Onemo. Very flexible and powerful, Onemo is designed to develop rich and interactive web applications. It is designed to meet Digitalis standards (audit trails, security ...) and is regularly audited for cybersecurity.

Custom CRF

Build your own CRF to suit your needs

Fine-tune your platform with total autonomy: CRF and form design, graphic choices (logo and colors), access controls, modules, notifications, workflows, etc.
The core business of the Digitalis team is technological innovation and the implementation of customized solutions. We are ready to implement your very specific needs within your platform (additional modules, graphics, etc ...). Most developments can be carried out without touching the validated software kernel. In a nutshell: you're never held back with Digitalis.


Main features present in Digitalis

Create a new study in just one click:
  • It shares a common base of centers, countries and users
  • Accessible via a dedicated URL within your platform
  • Configure global study parameters: ePRO, informed consent, forms, workflows, etc., independently of other studies
CRF Designkeyboard_arrow_right
Digitalis integrates ODM Designer, an intuitive solution for designing and modifying CRFs, compliant with the CDISC ODM-XML standard. With one click, changes made in ODM Designer are immediately deployed to the test CRF.

Manage :
  • Protocol (study events, forms, item groups, items)
  • Measurement units, code lists
  • Mouse-programmable consistency checks
  • Conditions
  • Options for displaying questions in CRF: additional text, visibility (hidden variables), etc.
Access rightskeyboard_arrow_right

Access rights

Configure access rights for different profiles: who can enter queries? Who can manage users? Access a comprehensive, exportable access rights management table to assign profiles to rights.

Rights management

Create countries, specify the studies concerned by these countries, create sites, assign profiles to your users.
Workflows & eSignaturekeyboard_arrow_right
Define the conditions under which a form can be read or written: signature of previous form, CRF field value, etc.

Configure which forms are subject to signature, signatory profiles and the meaning of each signature
Schedule rich notifications, decide on:
  • Sending conditions
  • Recipients (mailing list management)
  • Key and contextual variables (study name, eConsent signature URL, etc.)
  • ontextual attachments (PDF of signed form, AE, purchase order, etc.)
  • Subject and body of the email with insertion of selected variables
Manage your study documents, specify:
  • Title
  • Version
  • Language of the document
  • Consultation rights: destination studies, profiles and authorized centers

Only the relevant documents are then available on your user's dashboard.

You can subsequently refer to these documents in your study: within a form, when signing an eConsent, etc.
Compassionate Usekeyboard_arrow_right

Investigator Registration

Practitioners register via a dedicated interface, enter the study(s) of interest and information from their site. Appropriate for compassionate and early access programs.

Management of access requests

Verify and correct the information received before validating requests. Create centers on the fly if necessary, notify investigators when their request is processed.
Write the text of the eConsent (which may refer to documents on the platform) and create a quiz for your patients.

When an eConsent is created, an e-mail is sent to the patient asking them to read the text and answer the quiz. The patient can then access the signature via SMS, with a code to be entered in the dedicated interface. This signature unlocks the possibility for the investigator to include the patient in the study.
Find your visits in an ergonomic menu and the selected form in an input space. The form can be enhanced with diagrams and instructions for investigators.
Connected deviceskeyboard_arrow_right
Using our LifeData Connect solution, add your equipment to the Digitalis Data Hub and automatically collect data from medical devices.
Digitalis features a « mobile friendly » display, enabling your patients to enter their data themselves, effortlessly.

On login, a summary of the forms to be entered is displayed. At the end of data entry, a validation message indicates that the work is complete.
Manual submission by the CRA directly on the patient form or automatic creation via programmed consistency checks. The investigator can correct the error or explain the reason for the inconsistency. A dedicated module enables queries to be managed and supervised.
Inclusion curve, open centers, pending queries, adverse events, etc. Find your KPIs and all useful, exportable summaries on a dashboard adapted to each user.

We integrate on demand the supervision interfaces useful to your study: diagrams, data tables, curves, pie charts, etc.
But also ...keyboard_arrow_right
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Authentication via Pro Santé Connect or Pasrel/Plage
  • Multi-language (French or English by default, any language can be integrated including Chinese)
  • Management of countries, centers, users, user profiles
  • Annotated CRF
  • DVP (export of programmed queries)
  • Data export, in ODM or CSV formats (with SAS import files)
  • Data lock (per form, patient, or global)
  • Audit trail with dedicated, exportable module
  • Data imports: codings, CSV
  • User activity logs and management of banned IPs
  • Logs of emails sent by the platform
  • Management of platform texts: GDPR, contact information, etc.
  • Test environment: for user training, or to validate any amendments to the CRF.


Flexible pricing under control

Thomas Perraudin,

Digitalis is made to evolve

Order an instance of Digitalis for your project and keep monthly control of your budget, with no obligation to commit to a specific duration, and no limit on the number of users or functionalities. You'll automatically have a complete instance with all Digitalis modules, and the ability to create new studies within your platform at lower cost. With almost 20 years' experience in clinical trials, we are ready to configure and adapt Digitalis to your study.

Thomas Perraudin
Thomas Perraudin