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An EDC thought for you

Digitalis is an innovative data collection tool (Electronic Data Capture). Digitalis provides you with all the tools you need for a pleasant and complete collection and management of quality clinical data. It is a dynamic and ergonomic web application, whose strength lies in its ease of use and ability to adapt to your specific needs.
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Modern Design

Software focused on the user experience

The Digitalis interface is clear and intuitive. Our goal is to offer you a modern and lightweight design so you can use the software with ease.

Web and responsive

Accessible everywhere, on any device

Do you have a web browser? Perfect, you are ready.

Digitalis is a web-based software, which requires no special installation, a web browser and an internet connection are enough. The software is designed for the latest web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) but remains functional on older browsers such as Internet Explorer 9.

Computer, tablet ... Digitalis adapts to the size of your screen.

Whether you work on your computer or on your tablet, Digitalis is used in the same way and adapts to the size of your screen. Thus, you can use the application from your tablet effortlessly using a thoughtful interface designed for your device.


Main features present in Digitalis


Software built on reliable bases

Meets the CDISC ODM-XML standard

The CDISC ODM standard defines the rules for storing and exchanging clinical data. Digitalis goes further and relies entirely on this standard to manipulate clinical data, a mark of quality and interoperability of the data collected.

Built on a robust framework: Onemo

Digitalis is built on a robust and powerful framework: Onemo. Very flexible and powerful, Onemo is designed to develop rich and interactive web applications. It relies on a Model-View-Controller architecture, a guarantee of quality and maintainability of Digitalis.

Complies to FDA 21 CFR Part 11

Digitalis complies with the regulations of Chapter 21 CFR Part 11 of the Food and Drug Administration. The authenticity, integrity and confidentiality of the data are ensured by the application: secure connections, audit trails, electronic signatures, etc.

Custom CRF

Study Design, Custom Forms ...

Study Design

The electronic CRF of your study can be built with our dedicated solution: ODM Designer. ODM Designer allows you to define the structure of your database in compliance with the CDISC ODM-XML standard. Code the basic elements, input conditions and consistency checks. The study can be put online in one click, the input interfaces are generated automatically.

Forms design

Digitalis forms are fully customizable via XSL sheet editing. An editing interface allows you to edit forms with traditional web development languages.


Digitalis adapts to your needs

Thomas Perraudin,

Digitalis is made to evolve

Digitalis draws its strength in its scalability. Its lightness allows it to easily adjust to your requirements. The software packages on the market make available a wide range of features that you do not always use, for often expensive prices. Digitalis focuses on the essential features of an eCRF while leaving an important place to integrate your specific needs. This scalability an flexibility of Digitalis ensures that the software you have is adapted to your needs for an affordable price. With nearly 12 years of experience in clinical trials, we are willing to configure and adapt Digitalis to your study.

Thomas Perraudin
Thomas Perraudin